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Immigration Law

We have extensive experience in handling various types of applications. Our Immigration Solicitors within the firm have extensive experience in all aspects of immigration law. Throughout the firms career, Gabriel Basil has specialised in the areas of overlap between Mental Health issues and Immigration and Asylum law; Women and Unaccompanied Asylum seekers. Furthermore, if you would like help in bringing a relative to the United Kingdom, for example a child, parent or grandparent, as your dependant, an immigration lawyer will help you to ensure that you comply with all of the Home Office criteria. Our Immigration Lawyers deal daily with the rights of EU nationals and non EU nationals.

Our solicitors are supported by accredited trainees and paralegals; our immigration department is large enough to have a national reputation for expertise, yet small enough to ensure that every client receives a personal service.

Our team possesses significant depth of experience and knowledge of immigration law, with excellent preparation skills and demonstrate imagination and creativity in battle

Our solicitors specialise in all aspects of personal immigration work. All our solicitors have passed the specialist Immigration Accreditation Examinations that were introduced in 2004.

We have extensive experience in the whole range of immigration, asylum and nationality work, at all levels up to and including the House of Lords and the European Court of Human Rights, and have acted in a number of very high profile cases. We represent clients from around the world, and have access to professional interpreters in any language.

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Immigration Law Firm in Tottenham

Our qualified specialists provide their expertise on core areas.

We can assist with:


  • Applications for visas and entry clearance
  • Business applications
  • Students applications
  • Asylum based applications


  • Citizenship and nationality
  • Complex extradition and national security deportation matters and contesting the imposition of control orders.
  • Applications to the Home Office and British posts abroad.


  • Appeals in the Immigration Tribunals and higher courts
  • Applications under the new Points Based System – this covers the now redundant Work Permits and Highly Skilled Migrant Programme as well as student applications at all levels


  • Applications for people who are in the country illegally and who face detention, administrative removal or deportation
  • Bail applications and hearings
  • Applications for leave to remain on medical grounds posts abroad.


  • Applications that are made outside of the Immigration Rules
  • Personal immigration matters – this includes marriage applications, civil partnership applications, unmarried and same sex partner applications, applications for family members and dependants and visitor applications


  • Applications under European Union Legislation
  • Human Rights based applications
  • Applications for British nationality
  • We have a national reputation for our refugee work and substantial experience of representing asylum seekers through the maze of legislation.

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